We’ve been told our leadership training is transformational and unique. From Chief Exec to new leaders we empower leaders and add to existing thought leadership knowledge. From the top down we inspire individuals to step into their personal power and recognise their authentic leadership. We encourage leaders to embrace the challenges faced with being leaders through mind-set, confidence and recognising human behaviour. We encourage ‘leaders rather than managers’ and work on the self to bring the inner leader to the forefront. 

Each of the courses below can be a full or half day standalone course. You can also combine courses into a half or full or even opt to have a longer programme. The courses are for up to 14 delegates but do speak to us if your team is 20 strong!

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Leadership & Followship

Why do people follow leaders?
How do people know that you’re a leader?
Do you have the ‘stuff’ that people are looking for? And what is that 'stuff'? 
This workshop looks at leadership from a followship perspective and turns leadership training on its head.

Leadership is about you, what you stand for and how you show up. Then it’s about how you demonstrate that in what you do and how you behave as an authentic leader. In this course we explore
followship, beliefs and values, authenticity, alignment and outstanding leadership practice.

We also help you to understand who you are as a leader and how your behaviours can be designed or shaped to be a more effective leader.       

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Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is key in today’s workplace. People enjoy being led by authentic leaders they can trust, it’s proven that people stay in their jobs longer and perform better when they have great relationships with their leaders.

‘You’ are the reason you’re where you are. Taking ownership, finding your confidence, standing in your authenticity and understanding your personal power is essential in your influence and effectiveness as a leader. This course looks at understanding why you’re a leader and embracing your responsibility on a personal and servitude level.

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Overcoming fear

Fear is a very real emotion and is cited as one of the main reasons, along with lack of self-belief that people fail to achieve their potential. This fear occurs just as much in work as it does outside of work. Fear is potentially the biggest emotion to block progression in the workplace and is often not addressed. Overcoming fear could be the answer to your team working more effectively or your leaders truly standing in their strength and ability.

This workshop addresses what causes fear, how the body responds to it and how to push through that fear to achieve what you want or need to do.

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Find your presence

Being present is the key to mindfulness which is so relevant in the workplace today. Mindfulness is key to effective authentic leadership, being a great communicator, a better salesperson and to giving a great service. This workshop addresses the meaning of presence, its importance, how to be present and how to bring others with you.

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Vocal Power

Our Vocal power course is excellent for sales people, rising stars and leaders. Vocal power combines Neuro Linquistic Programming with elements of our voice and attitudinal courses to provide better empathy, confidence and control. This course is fantastic for resolving conflict, objection handling and leading people.

You can pick and mix modules of this course to suit your business needs. Please click here to browse the modules available. Please be aware that certain modules take longer to train than others and will impact the length of your full training package.

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