Our unique InspireMe voice training courses are tailored for voice heavy industries and are separated intro three categories; Vocal Health, On Brand Voices and our award winning Vocal Power course. 

Each of the courses below can be a full or half day standalone course. You can also combine courses into a half or full or even opt to have a longer programme. The courses are for up to 14 delegates but do speak to us if your team is 20 strong!

To speak to us about our voice courses give us a call on 029 2022 9922 or request a call back here.

Vocal Health Courses

Our vocal health interactive courses explore cause and prevention of occupational voice loss.

Introduction to Vocal Health

Interactive occupational health workshop exploring how to look after voices, causes and prevention of occupational voice loss in voice heavy industries. Particularly popular with the contact centre, legal and education industry.

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Occupational Voice Day

Bespoke occupational voice day training course tailored to your industry exploring your voice at work. This is our introduction to vocal health offering combined with more tips, tricks and techniques to maximise your best voice at work including deeper work on posture, breathing, pace, accent, clarity and an introduction to tone and pitch.

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121 coaching

Do you need specific help with your voice?

Occasionally you or  someone on your team may need specific help with their voice. Whether they suffer from a speech impediment, lack of clarity and/or lack of confidence we can help with 121 coaching. Give us a call on 029 2022 9922 to chat about your requirements.


On Brand Voices Course

For voice heavy industries such as contact centres or sales, the voices of your front line people are the face of your company. These courses are great for grass roots level employees and can be tailored for leaders and speakers. 

On Brand Voices

This course takes elements from both our vocal power and vocal health techniques to go deeper exploring ‘how’ we use our voices and ‘how’ we say what we say. Your unique brand is precious and directly reflected in your employees. Elements included in this training are breathing, posture, tone, pace, intonation, diction, attitude, energy, mind-set & presence.

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Vocal Power 

Our Vocal power course is excellent for sales people, rising stars and leaders. Vocal power combines Neuro Linquistic Programming with elements of our voice and attitudinal courses to provide better empathy, confidence and control, fantastic for resolving conflict, objection handling and leading people.

We have a few modules for this course listed below. Each of the modules below include elements of our on brand voice and vocal health courses listed above. Each module can be a course on its own lasting for half a day or a full or you can pick and mix various modules to suit your business needs. Certain modules take longer to train than others and will impact the length of your full training package.

Please call us on 029 2022 9922 to discuss how best to make up the Vocal Power course that's the best fit for you!


Unleash your confidence

To be who we are, all in, gives us the ability to be self-assured, committed and motivated to act. This quality is often described as confidence. When we are confident, the sense of pride in who we are and what we can do really shines through.

In this workshop you will explore who you are and what you are about so you are able to fully aware of your uniqueness and are able to step into your authentic self. We will also show you ways to have additional power when you need it such as dealing with change or difficult situations or sparkling in opportunities such as presentations, sales pitches or interviews.

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Present like a Rockstar!

This powerful presentation skills training course is specifically designed for leaders, sale people and presenters. This brings in elements of personal power and the 'you' in your presentation — whether that’s a formal presentation, training a team, authentic leadership or closing a sale.

Please note - We do not train on how to use presentation packages such as power point — this course is based around you and using the power of your self-awareness and voice with some NLP and good common sense thrown in to help you find your true dynamic self.

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Public Speaking as an Art Form

This combines key elements from a number of our courses. Techniques and exercises taken from our ‘Present like a Rockstar’, 'Authenticity', 'Overcoming Fear' and 'On Brand Voice' courses come together to help speakers find their voice.

Being an engaging speaker is wrapped up in your confidence, your ability be magnetic to your audience and keep your cool under pressure. We incorporate NLP techniques, performance techniques and personal power practices as well as voice coaching elements to help you shine in front of an audience.

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121 or small group voice coaching

Skype/face to face coaching available for voice, public speaking and presentation coaching. Please contact us here for more information and a chat about how we can help you.


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